Your Guide to Fixing Cracks in the Wall

Your house is much more than just bricks and walls. It is the keeper of your fondest memories and a reflection of your character. Perhaps this is why even a small patch of chipped-off paint can worry you.

Cracks on the walls are one such masonry repairs that need instant attention. They are not only unpleasing to the eyes but can cause further problems such as water seepage. Do you end up with a Google search that says “hiring a masonry contractor near me” every time a crack appears?

Well, you don’t have to anymore. Wall cracks are not that difficult to fix and can be repaired with basic tools and materials. These supplies are readily available at any home improvement store near you. Here is all you need to know about such masonry repairs.

Determine the Type of Wall

Is your house made of drywall or more solid plaster walls? It may be a no-brainer to some of you, but this is the most significant step as there is a different process for fixing different types of walls.

Fixing a Drywall

Repairing drywall is the easiest as it consists of only one layer. If the cracks are big, you can call a masonry contractor and simply replace that entire portion of the wall. However, if it is a relatively smaller crack, you can easily repair it yourself.

The first step is to cut the crack open using a utility knife. The key is in being gentle and making a V-shaped notch in the wall. Try to keep it within 1/4 of an inch. Carefully vacuum out all the loose materials and crumbs from the crack. The next step is to cut an appropriate length of drywall tape. You can cut more pieces as you see fit. This is done in advance to avoid any creases or folds as the joint compound dries quickly.

The next step is to use a six-inch taping knife to spread the joint compound over the crack. Use a little amount so that you can get an even and thin layer. Quickly move on the next step and paste the paper tape over the joint compound. Apply a second coat of joint compound, and this time extend it to six-seven inches on either side of the crack. Allow it to dry overnight and sand it if required.

Fixing a Plaster Wall

You can use the above process to treat a minor crack in your plaster wall. For a deeper crack, you can start by drilling holes along the length of the crack. You can use a 3/16 masonry bit for this purpose. However, remember not to touch the wood lath while drilling. Once you are done, vacuum out all the loose particles from the holes.

The next step is to spray an adhesive conditioner into these holes, followed by the adhesive itself. It is a good idea to start from the lowest point on the wall. To secure the plaster, attach plaster rings using a drill. Let it rest as per the instructions and then remove the plaster rings. Apply a layer of joint compound to hide the holes and the crack. It is better to sand this layer after drying and apply a second coat of joint compound for better results.

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goldenlookYour Guide to Fixing Cracks in the Wall

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