5 Amazing House Remodeling Ideas

House remodeling is a major project that needs a lot of planning, plotting and proper research. As this is not something that we frequently do, we need to take every step carefully and with confidence. Whether you want to give your home a complete makeover to increase its visual appeal or you are looking to boost up your property value ahead of a sale, home remodeling ideas can help make the procedure much easier for you. That is why in this blog GoldenLook.ca has come up with a handy house remodeling guide that will surely help you in this journey.

1. Select a suitable color palette


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Choosing the right shade for your home is a crucial part of a home renovation project as a lot depends on it. When it comes to coloring your home, your living room is the most important place as it is used for hanging out, reading, watching movies or sipping wine.

So for an area like that which gets this much attention should have a color that impresses every eye. You can use colors like white, grey, beige and other neutrals that are usually liked by the majority. Dark shades of blue give birth to a sense of rich tradition whereas lighter blues bring a breezy and carefree feeling of a day at the seaside.

2. Replace your front door

If your living room is at the front side of your house, replacing your entry door or simply giving it a new style can do two things at the same time.

On the one hand, it can improve your house’s curb appeal and on the other, it brightens up your living room.

According to a popular house remodeling expert magazine, a new entry door can increase ROI more than any other home project.

3. Build faux extra space

In case you do not want to break a wall to create more space in your living room, you can still apply tricks to at least make it appear bigger. Here are renovation ideas you can follow:

  • Try not to have an area rug that is too small. Make sure you aim to have at least 10 to 20 inches of bare floor space between the edges of the rug and the wall
  • It is better to  have a white ceiling that helps you avoid the claustrophobic feeling
  • You can create or buy a storage unit that is close to your wall to store unwanted staff of your home. Clutter removal highly improves the appearance of a space
  • Mount shelves high, close to the wall to pull the eye upward

4. Expand your living room

If your main objective is to sell your house, you must know that today home buyers prefer houses with large living rooms. To fulfill this need, you need to put some effort to make your living room appear as big as possible at the time of renovation. For example, if you have a room adjoining your living room, you can remove an interior non-load bearing wall and take over space. Although it is not a very complicated job, you have to make sure that your wall is not load-bearing.

5. Let lights enter in your living room

In case you have a living room that lacks natural light, you must make arrangements to let sunlight come into the room. You can add life to your windows by replacing them with the new ones. Natural lights simply bring in positive energy into your living room.

If you are planning for a remodeling project anytime soon, don’t forget to utilize these ideas as they can streamline the process to a great extent. Just like in any other project, proper planning can be equally helpful for your house renovation project. For your desired result in this project, look for an efficient home renovation contractor.

goldenlook5 Amazing House Remodeling Ideas

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