Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2020

Kitchens are the one of the high traffic areas of a house and renovating it requires a lot of planning and plotting. We don’t frequently renovate our kitchen and that is why the renovation work should be solid so that it efficiently stands the test of time. A small mistake can completely ruin the entire project. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind before gearing up for the project like framing a budget, setting your preferences and fitting them all together. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen here are some kitchen remodeling ideas that you can follow before hiring a local contractor.

1. Do your research

A little bit of research is always helpful before initiating such major projects where you cannot afford to do any mistake. You can start with visiting kitchen showrooms and home stores to get an idea about the price of the items. Based on your affordability you can select items that you need for your remodeling projects. Do not hesitate to take ideas from your friends or relatives who have recently renovated their kitchen. You can also go on a tour to your neighboring houses to get ideas on kitchen layouts and renovation.

2. Frame a budget

Setting a budget for your project is the most important part of this mission based on which other decisions will be taken. With such large renovation projects comes the risk of increasing the cost and time at the end moment. To keep yourself in the safer side, you can always set a budget roughly which is less than your maximum capacity.

3. Consider Hidden costs

While making a rough sketch of your budget you need to consider the hidden costs as well. For example- the labor cost, materials, taxes and shipping or delivery expenses etc. you can also look for tasks in which you can participate. If not many, taking up some minor task on your shoulder will save you a significant amount of money.

4. Make lists of your desires and needs

You need to be practical while planning for a renovation project. Draw a line between your desires and needs and always prioritize your needs over your desires. Buying unnecessary items just to fulfill your desires will do nothing but waste your money. Start with the basic necessities for your kitchen. Do not forget that every fancy appliance brings a slightly higher utility bill which ultimately gets added to your upkeep responsibilities.

5. Focus on quality

Always go for the high quality materials which perfectly fit into your budget. Kitchen renovation requires quality materials and functional items to ensure a long term solution for you especially if you have plans to resale your house in future. Superior quality countertops, cabinets and appliances come with longer life span which ensure that you don’t have to renovate it again.

6. Kitchen space planning

If you hire a skilled contactor, he will help you out in arranging things safely but it is your responsibility to plan for convenience. Here are the things that must be taken into your account while mapping out your kitchen area

  • Appliances

Make sure that you have enough space in front of your appliances so that you can have space to walk freely even if the doors are open. The depth and direction of the swinging appliances doors should also be taken into account.

  • Counters

Your counter space should be at least of 36 inches with at least 24 inches on one side of the sink and 18 inches on the other.

  • Walkways

There should be enough space for traffic flow. There has to be at least 42inches of distance between the counters and the island. This will enable people to easily walk through without disturbing anyone working at the counter.

Final words

Find an efficient kitchen renovation contractor Mississauga and discuss your requirements in this project. Go for the masonry contractor near me like ‘GoldenLook’ who are amongst the best kitchen remodeling contractors in your area. This will ensure that your kitchen renovation is in the right hands.

goldenlookKitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2020

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