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Bathroom renovation sounds really exciting but there are certain things about it which are not so exciting. These things need to be kept in mind before starting the project. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and already have selected a contractor, then you must know about the facts that determine when a bathroom remodeling contractor can gear up for your project.

1. Your bathroom type

The type of bathroom you have, determines the start date of your project. For instance if you have a powder bathroom which only contains a toilet and sink, a contractor can take up the project much quicker than a hall bathroom which has more number of fixtures like bath tub, mirror ,sinks etc. Again, a hall bathroom which does not require a permit will take less time to begin in comparison with a master bathroom which has a shower and bathtub attached to a large bedroom.

2. Permitted VS non permitted

bathroom renovation project which needs a permit will take longer than the project that does not need one, due to the additional steps involved. In order to obtain permit for your project, an architectural drawing has to be prepared to show exactly how the original space looks like. The drawing is submitted to the city. For a small renovation work you might get lucky enough to get the permit within a day. In case you are into a major structural change, you need to put forward a full set of permits which takes at least 6 weeks to retain from the city. Some cities in Canada also demand for a full permit regardless of what your remodel entails.

How fast you are in choosing finish products for your project?

How much time you spend on choosing your finish products is also a factor that influences the beginning of your project. Your contractor can start your project quickly if you cooperate with him by making yourself available for shopping finish products and choosing designs. In case you are in a hurry you must ensure that you go for products that are easily available. In simple words your contractor will not start your project until all the materials, you have chosen are present on site.

How busy the remodeling team is?

There are particular seasons in which remodeling contractors remain loaded with work. For instance – winter. It is the season when most of the bathroom remodeling contractors remain busy. Homeowners who wish to make their permitted bathrooms ready before the festive season, plan for it way before than that. They start making preparations from August and of course remodeling contractors would never want to disappoint them which indicates that your project might get postponed.

These above mentioned tips will surely help you out in starting your project on time without any delay. All you have to do is plan properly. Discuss everything with your contractor like when you want to have your project completed and other preferences. Based on your requirements your bathroom remodeling contractor in Toronto will surely help you out in determining if the project can be completed within your preferred date.

goldenlookStart your Bathroom Remodeling Project with Golden Look

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